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Welcome to Hot Dog Fence, the one stop place for your electronic pet fencing needs! We are a company who has made electronic pet containment fences our specialty. We deal in not only just the standard systems but also customized electronic fencing. After all everyone’s yard is different and everyone’s layout is each their own. Electronic pet containment systems are a great idea when you don’t want the typical fencing options that are out there. 

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Electric Fencing Installation

Are you looking for a pet containment system? Then look no further than us! We offer the best in electric fencing installation in Apple Valley, CA.


Pet Protection Containment

Pet protection containment is a pet safety necessity, it is something that should be on every pet owner's pet supplies list.


Predator Control

predators can be a big problem especially depending on your location. If you have a pet, especially a small one you are at even higher risk of something happening.

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They are also a great idea for those who want to give their pets the sense of freedom. So they can still participate in usual activities without being able to go where they should not. If you like to show off your yard putting up the typical fence would hide all that. With an electronic pet containment fence, that would not be an issue. We are professional installers and know how important your property is to you. We will respect that in every regard that we can while we do the work requested. 

When it comes to selecting a system, we can help you select the right ones for your needs. You can have a large area set up or a small one the choice is yours. You can use the system for one pet or several pets at once. We all love our pets, so we need to keep them safe and installing one of our fences can accomplish that. Our system can also accommodate large or small pets also or both. The system is easy for any homeowner to be able to learn and use. We will take the time to instruct you on exactly how to use it. We are also available if you should have any questions about your system after installation is complete.