Predator Control

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Wild cat Lynx in the nature forest habitat

Predator Control

In California, predators can be a big problem especially depending on your location. If you have a pet, especially a small one you are at even higher risk of something happening. Well, don’t worry we offer some of the best predator control in Apple Valley, CA. Our main business is containment fencing, but we do offer some predator control. Which is a great asset to many that live in California, especially pet owners. There are so many things out there that can pose a threat in the predator line, for both you and your pet. So by installing a containment fence you are doing both of you a favor and keeping everyone safe not just them.

We offer habitat manipulation, basically changing a habitat around to confuse them. Setting a trap is another option, because of threatened or species conservation. After all, we are just living on what they consider their home. A good fence can keep most predators looking for a quick meal out. Our containment fences are also a great defense against intruders too.  Want something different, unique, or just need something that is not the typical setup? We can still work with you because we offer custom too. So we can find the best solution for your pet containment needs.

The best thing about a containment system is it works around the clock. So there are no worries about constantly turning on and off unless of course you choose to do so. We have been in this business since 2007, we strive for giving our customers what they need and when they need it.

We are trusted experts in this field so we have just about seen it all and done it all.